Saturday, September 6, 2014

Keeping New School Year Excitement - 09/6/14

What is one goal you have for yourself personally this year?

Does your school have a theme this year? If so, what is the theme and how do you introduce it to your students?

Brain Break: What is your favorite comedy movie of all time?

What is one thing you teach your students when school starts to help ensure a 
successful year?

What is one thing you hope your students teach YOU this year?

Brain Break: If you could have a credit card with an unlisted amount of funds you don't have to pay back, to what store would you want it?

Each school yr starts with energy and excitement.  How in the world do you sustain that for an ENTIRE YEAR? 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

CatholicEdChat (weekly)

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Defining Leadership in Our Schools - 08/302014

John Reyes - Moderating

Q1 - How do YOU define leadership?

Q2 - Agree or disagree: the principal is the only leader at a Catholic school?

Q3 - How do we empower teachers to be leaders?

Q4 - What are some examples of how to best grow teachers as leaders?