Saturday, November 14, 2015

Leadership Styles 11-14-15

1. How do you define leadership?
2. What is the difference between leadership and management?
3. What is the most important quality for an effective leader?
4. Who do you admire as a leader and why?
5. How do you describe your leadership style?

Saturday, October 31, 2015

10-31-15 The Makerspace Movement - Storify Archive

10-31-15 The Makerspace Movement

Q1 What is a makerspace to you? #Catholicedchat
Q2 Is it more about the space or the mindset? Why? #Catholicedchat
Q3 What changes in thinking might help a makerspace to thrive? #Catholicedchat
Q4 Tell us about any ways you may have incorporated makerspaces at your school / in your
classroom. #Catholicedchat
Q5 Tell us about your favorite thing a student ever made in your classroom. #Catholicedchat
Q6 How does getting the chance to be a maker affect students? #Catholicedchat
Q7 Name one of your favorite things to have in a makerspace. #Catholicedchat
Q8 What are your favorite makerspace resources? #Catholicedchat