Saturday, November 15, 2014

CatholicEdChat (weekly)

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Chat Archive - 11/15/2014 - Ethics of Care

Moderator: Patrick Tiernan

Q1:  How do you define care as a concept and practice? #catholicedchat

Q2: What does care look like in your school? #catholicedchat

Q3: How do we model care for students and faculty/staff? #catholicedchat

Q4: Can caring be shown in ways that are not typical? #catholicedchat

Q5: What are some of the institutional, social, or cultural barriers that limit our ability to model care in schools? #catholicedchat

Q6: How do you ensure that you are cared for? #catholicedchat

Q7: How do we build a culture of care given the myriad of demands placed on educators? #catholicedchat

Links and Resources to Share In Advance/During:

Link following Q1:
Philosophical approaches to care

Link following Q3:
Attachment theory

Link following Q5:
Feminist theory (Gilligan and Held)

Link following Q6:
Michael Slote interview on empathy

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chat Archive - Love it or List it?!

Kay Bisaillon

No 1-Teaching/learning Cursive Handwriting? Love it or List it -- WHY? #catholicedchat

No 2- Homework? Love it or List it? WHY? #catholicedchat

No 3- Interactive White Boards? Love it or List it? WHY? #catholicedchat

No 4- Progress Reports? Love it or List it? WHY? #catholicedchat

No 5- Giving "0" - I realize no one loves giving zeroes--but do u believe it has to be done? Love it or List it? #catholicedchat

No 6-Back to School/Meet the Teacher Functions? Love it or List it? WHY? #catholicedchat

No 7-School Uniforms? Love it or List it? WHY? #catholicedchat

No 9-Grades? Love it or List it? WHY? #catholicedchat

No 10-Wikipedia? Love it or List it?  #catholicedchat

Last one -- No 11- 24/7 access (to work, school, connecting)? Too much? Love it or List it?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chat Archive - Rosary and Prayer

Q1 - A. How often do you pray the rosary with your class? B. With your school?  #catholicedchat

Q2 - How do you make the rosary meaningful for your students? #catholicedchat

Q3 - When do you celebrate prayer services with your class/school? #catholicedchat

Q4 - Tell us about the most memorable prayer service you've been a part of. What made it memorable? #catholicedchat

Q5 - 5a. How do you celebrate the feast of your school's patron saint/namesake?
5b. How do you celebrate other (major) feast days? #catholicedchat

Q6 - During Advent, does your class/school spend more time in prayer? How do you make Advent come alive for your students? #catholicedchat