Saturday, March 7, 2015

CatholicEdChat (weekly)

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A Growth Mindset

Welcome to #CatholicEdChat Please introduce yourself before we begin!

Q1 What does the term "Growth Mindset" mean to you? #CatholicEdChat

Q2 How do you create a "Safe to Fail" environment for Ss and Ts? #CatholicEdChat

Q3 How do you encourage Ss to stretch themselves beyond current levels? #CatholicEdChat

Q4 How would you advice parents and new Ts to give quality feedback that promotes a growth mindset? #CatholicEdChat

Q5 Share ideas on how you have made your behavior management systems reflective of a growth mindset.  #CatholicEdChat

Q6 What do teachers do that accidentally promote a fixed mindset? #CatholicEdChat

Q7 Share some strategies for creating a growth mindset in Ss & Ts (praise, feedback, environment, resources) #CatholicEdChat

Q8 How can adults in schools model a growth mindset for our students? #CatholicEdChat

BB1 What is your favorite Lenten dish?

BB2 What is your favorite Lenten practice?

Many thanks to our friends at #Nebedchat @bcudly and @CynthiaStogdill for sharing their chat questions!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chat Archive - Inclusion 02/07/15

Abbie Greer Moderating
Q1: What types of diagnosed special needs have your students had? #catholicedchat

Q2: How does inclusion fit with Catholic identity and the purpose of Catholic schools? #catholicedchat

Q3:How do you help families when you suspect a learning difference or other special needs? #catholicedchat

Q4: How are accommodations or modifications documented? Do you work with students needing curriculum modifications? #catholicedchat  

Q5: What resources or supports does your school have to help different learners? Any favorite aps  #catholicedchat

Q6: How do "regular" students benefit from an inclusive setting?  #catholicedchat