Saturday, April 18, 2015

CatholicEdChat (weekly)

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#CatholicEdChat 4-18-15 Spring Fever!

Good Morning! My tweets for the next hour will be devoted to #CatholicEdChat

We are beginning our #50StatesPlus challenge today with the great state of Nebraska! #CatholicEdChat

Please introduce yourself and share the date of your last day of school.  #CatholicEdChat

Q1: What does the term ‘Spring Fever’ mean to you? #CatholicEdChat

Q2: What are some strategies you use in the classroom during this time of year? #CatholicEdChat

BB: What is your favorite spring flower?

Q3: What are some strategies you use to help YOU during this time of year? #CatholicEdChat

Q4: Should Spring Fever been seen as a negative or a positive? Why? #CatholicEdChat

Q5: Please share any special projects you do this time of year? #CatholicEdChat

Q6: What’s your best tip to finish the school year strong? #CatholicEdChat

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Announcing! #50StatesPlus #CatholicEdChat Challenge!

CatholicEdChat is a wonderful community of Catholic School leaders who are always learning, growing, and innovating. Here is our next challenge! Nancy and I have a desire to expand our reach and Abbie Greer has given us the idea to reach that goal.

Announcing the #50StatesPlus #CatholicEdChat Challenge! Can we have moderators from all 50 states? Can we have moderators from many countries? Let's do it!

How will we record all of our moderators? Anyone a Google Maps expert or just want to take it on? Or should we go old school and color in the states and countries as we go? ;-)

Have you ever thought of moderating a #CatholicEdChat but weren't sure where to start? This is your change to moderate a chat and showcase your school, diocese, and state and then share the story of Catholic education and lead a discussion.

Please contact @ncara or @BarbInNebraska to be placed on the #CatholicEdChat calendar.

The #50StatesPlus challenge begins April 18, 2015.