Saturday, May 7, 2016

#LastBell Chat Archive 05/07/2016

Teaching to the #lastbell #CatholicEdChat 5-7-16

Good morning! Please introduce yourself. #CatholicEdChat
Q1: When is your last day with students? #CatholicEdChat
Q2: What are some strategies you use with your students during this time of year? #CatholicEdChat
Q3: It’s important to support our fellow teachers, in our building, to the #lastbell. What are some ideas? #CatholicEdChat
Q4: How can you encourage your #CatholicEdChat PLN during this time of year?
Q5: How can you encourage your students to keep learning to the #lastbell, strategies,projects? #CatholicEdChat
Have you heard about The Ellen Card? #CatholicEdChat
Q6: Do you have any special projects you do with your students during this time of year? #CatholicEdChat

Saturday, April 2, 2016

04/02/2016 - App Smackdown - Chat Archive

Q1: Our topic today is App Smackdown - what apps do you use daily as a teacher/educator?
Q2: What photo or creativity type apps do you use most often?
Q3: What apps do you use to backup to the cloud? Photos, files, etc...?
Q4: What paid apps have you found worthwhile? Which do you use most often?
Q5: What apps do you use for assessment or grading?
Q6: What apps do you use for your own schedule, fitness, health, etc...?

Friday, March 18, 2016

3-19-16 Conference #ProTips

Q1: How do you choose conferences to attend? What are you looking for in a conference?
Q2: How do you get the most out of it while there?
Q3: What are some essential tech tools, apps for getting the most out of a conference?
Q4: Any special #protips to get the most out of #NCEA16 in San Diego?

Friday, March 11, 2016

3-12-16 Bearing Witness

Q1:How do you teach Ss about the Holocaust? Do you include anti-Semitism (past & present) to create a context for Holocaust education?
Q2: What are the most powerful tools you have used in teaching the Holocaust?
Q3: Have you attended PD related to Holocaust education? Have you heard of or attended Bearing Witness?
Q4: Do you involve your local Jewish community when teaching about Judaism or the Holocaust? If so how?
Q5: What lessons from the Holocaust can be related to Catholic Social Justice Issues?
Q6:What challenges have you faced when teaching Holocaust units in the past?

Friday, February 26, 2016

2-27-16 What do we mean when we claim "college preparatory" in a Catholic School

1. Setting some context, share your school’s grade levels and the core academic objectives as defined by your mission statement?
2. How does your school determine academic requirements/course sequence?
3. Focusing purely on academics, what courses or knowledge is needed in college? How do we know this?
4. In light of a Catholic setting, what is missing if we purely focus on academic readiness for college?
5. In a Catholic setting, what unique opportunities can we offer students for college-readiness?
6. How does your school address the tensions between secular college-readiness and academic readiness based on faith foundations?
7. What recommendations/needs can be identified to articulate our Catholic answer to this tension?

Extra Questions
What does “college” look like these days?
How are our schools reflecting this changes landscape?
How are our schools pushing against this changing landscape?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

2-20-16 Storify Archive, Professional Development

2-20-16 Professional Development

Q1: What is the purpose of Professional Development for you? #CatholicEdChat

Q2: Time, money, energy are all limited resources. What PD experienced are “worth it” and why? #CatholicEdChat

Q3: How does good PD make you feel? #CatholicEdChat

Q4: What are signs of a bad PD? #CatholicEdChat

Q5: How do you find PD opportunities that fit your needs as a learner? #CatholicEdChat

Q6: As far as outside, in person PD, what events, organizations, etc have you found useful? #CatholicEdChat

Q7: What books, resources, etc have helped you grow as a practitioner? #CatholicEdChat

Friday, February 12, 2016

#CatholicEdChat 2-13-16 Teaching Students about Social Media

Join, High School Senior Sarah - Twitter Handle @The_Geeky_Girl, as she moderates our chat.

1. How can we have internet foreigners teach internet natives?
2. How do we keep up with the latest social apps and sites students are using?
3. How can we make sure students understand that their online presence affects their future?
4. How does it differ from elementary middle and high school?
5. How can we teach kids about staying safe online if they don't care?
6. What role can parents play in helping teach kids about being on social media?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

1-16-16 Classroom Assessment, Storify Archive

1-16-16 Classroom Assessments, Archive by Participate Learning

Click HERE for Participate Learning Archive 

1-16-16 Classroom Assessments

1. What is you grading philosophy? What should your classroom grades communicate?

2. How does your grading policy support your philosophy?

3. What are some factors that should (or should not) be included in a grade?

4. What resources do you recommend to learn about classroom assessment?

5. Should students be permitted to redo assignments?

6. What is one thing you are still wondering about? What is one thing you learned?

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year/New Beginnings 1-2-16

Q1 - What was your most epic moment as an educator in 2015? #CatholicEdChat
Q2 - What is one new thing you will add to your classroom/office that is a little scary to you (or will at least try)? Examples: non-zero F, no HW, or… #CatholicEdChat
Q3 - What are you most eager to learn with your students in 2016? #CatholicEdChat
Q4 - What are three things/lessons you have done this school year that went so well you will do again next year? #CatholicEdChat
Q5 - How can you make setting New Year’s Resolutions/goals a positive skill-building activity for students? #CatholicEdChat
Q6 - What are your professional New Year resolutions (you can add your personal resolutions if you want too!)? #CatholicEdChat
Q7 - What is one thing that is holding back your success as an educator - how do you get around that in 2016? #CatholicEdChat