Saturday, January 16, 2016

1-16-16 Classroom Assessment, Storify Archive

1-16-16 Classroom Assessments, Archive by Participate Learning

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1-16-16 Classroom Assessments

1. What is you grading philosophy? What should your classroom grades communicate?

2. How does your grading policy support your philosophy?

3. What are some factors that should (or should not) be included in a grade?

4. What resources do you recommend to learn about classroom assessment?

5. Should students be permitted to redo assignments?

6. What is one thing you are still wondering about? What is one thing you learned?

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year/New Beginnings 1-2-16

Q1 - What was your most epic moment as an educator in 2015? #CatholicEdChat
Q2 - What is one new thing you will add to your classroom/office that is a little scary to you (or will at least try)? Examples: non-zero F, no HW, or… #CatholicEdChat
Q3 - What are you most eager to learn with your students in 2016? #CatholicEdChat
Q4 - What are three things/lessons you have done this school year that went so well you will do again next year? #CatholicEdChat
Q5 - How can you make setting New Year’s Resolutions/goals a positive skill-building activity for students? #CatholicEdChat
Q6 - What are your professional New Year resolutions (you can add your personal resolutions if you want too!)? #CatholicEdChat
Q7 - What is one thing that is holding back your success as an educator - how do you get around that in 2016? #CatholicEdChat