Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year/New Beginnings 1-2-16

Q1 - What was your most epic moment as an educator in 2015? #CatholicEdChat
Q2 - What is one new thing you will add to your classroom/office that is a little scary to you (or will at least try)? Examples: non-zero F, no HW, or… #CatholicEdChat
Q3 - What are you most eager to learn with your students in 2016? #CatholicEdChat
Q4 - What are three things/lessons you have done this school year that went so well you will do again next year? #CatholicEdChat
Q5 - How can you make setting New Year’s Resolutions/goals a positive skill-building activity for students? #CatholicEdChat
Q6 - What are your professional New Year resolutions (you can add your personal resolutions if you want too!)? #CatholicEdChat
Q7 - What is one thing that is holding back your success as an educator - how do you get around that in 2016? #CatholicEdChat

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