Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chat Archive - Google Apps for Education

Moderators: Beth Thomas, Christine Monge Serra Catholic School ≈

Q1 - #catholicedchat. Is your school GAFE? Is your school looking into GAFE? Why do you think GAFE has excited the World of Education?

Q2 - #catholicedchat: What benefits do you see to your students with GAFE?

Q3-  #catholicedchat: Can you give some examples of how you use GAFE with students? How do you use it within your school environment? As an administrator?

Q4- #catholicedchat: If you were looking to attend a Google Summit what sort of topics would you like to see presented in sessions?

Q5- #catholicedchat: Are you a part of the GAFE Google+ Community if so is there anyone in particular you follow?

Q6- #catholicedchat: Education is an amazing field to be involved in; we are so blessed, it’s evolutionary! What excites you about the future of education? GAFE related or non-GAFE!  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Keeping New School Year Excitement - 09/6/14

What is one goal you have for yourself personally this year?

Does your school have a theme this year? If so, what is the theme and how do you introduce it to your students?

Brain Break: What is your favorite comedy movie of all time?

What is one thing you teach your students when school starts to help ensure a 
successful year?

What is one thing you hope your students teach YOU this year?

Brain Break: If you could have a credit card with an unlisted amount of funds you don't have to pay back, to what store would you want it?

Each school yr starts with energy and excitement.  How in the world do you sustain that for an ENTIRE YEAR?