Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chat Archive - Google Apps for Education

Moderators: Beth Thomas, Christine Monge Serra Catholic School ≈

Q1 - #catholicedchat. Is your school GAFE? Is your school looking into GAFE? Why do you think GAFE has excited the World of Education?

Q2 - #catholicedchat: What benefits do you see to your students with GAFE?

Q3-  #catholicedchat: Can you give some examples of how you use GAFE with students? How do you use it within your school environment? As an administrator?

Q4- #catholicedchat: If you were looking to attend a Google Summit what sort of topics would you like to see presented in sessions?

Q5- #catholicedchat: Are you a part of the GAFE Google+ Community if so is there anyone in particular you follow?

Q6- #catholicedchat: Education is an amazing field to be involved in; we are so blessed, it’s evolutionary! What excites you about the future of education? GAFE related or non-GAFE!  

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