Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chat Archive 05/25/13

We were honored to have Kay Bisallion moderate last week. Check out the archive!

Chat Questions -05/25/13

1. Play along with me if you will. Imagine I built a time machine and asked you to go back to the week before school started. What advice would you give yourself?#catholicedchat - How can you use this advice for the coming year? 2What was your favorite lesson/tool/approach of year?#catholicedchat 3. What was the lesson/tool/approach of year you think you want to improve or change for next year?#catholicedchat 4. Your favorite end of the year activity to go out with a bang instead of spending time watching a movie?#catholicedchat -letters, videos, VoiceThreads from current students on how to be successful in that grade - fun time to do a QR code scavenger hunt with review questions from year -fun time to do minute to win it activity or Amazing Race -genius hour of free to learn for last week? Pursue, learn, research about anything student wants & share after 3/4 classes (my free to learn post- 5. Any summer PD you & your staff may be doing? Ideal summer pd?#catholicedchat 6. Summer books on must read list- personal & professional?#catholicedchat

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chat Archive 05/18/13

Chat Archive

Chat Questions 05/18/13

Planning for One to One and BYOD Environments in Our Schools

  1. What made your school choose a one to one or BYOD model?

  1. What are some essential first steps for those wishing to start the process?

  1. What did roll out look like? Which grades and devices were used?

  1. What role did policy play?

  1. How did you plan for academic integration?
    1. What favorite success stories can you share?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chat Archive 05/11/13

Summer Assignments-Are we always 'on', are students always learning.
View our discussion moderated by @gdhuyvetter
Greg Dhuyvetter

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chat Questions 05/11/13

Always On - Assignments, Boundaries and More
Chat 9am EST Saturday
  1. What is the real purpose behind summer assignments? What assumptions are we making when building these assignments? 
  2. As Education models become more and more blended, blurring the lines further between school and home, how do we help students define boundaries so that they do not feel that they are "always at school." 
  3. How do you and your school define boundaries so you are not "always at work"

Chat Archive from 05/04/13

Innovation in Our Schools

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chat Questions 05/04/13

Q1. Why is innovation important in schools? Q2: What does innovation look like in your school? Characteristics of people, activities? #catholicedchat Q3: What examples have you seen for innovation in Catholic Schools, others? What will you try next? Q4: What preparations are you making for May? Communion, May Procession,Graduation?

Chat Archive 04/28/13 Common Core Standards and Educator Resources

Topic: Common Core Standards and Top Resources for Educators.
Incorporated into this chat was a live workshop for teachers which coincided with the live chat!