Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chat Questions -05/25/13

1. Play along with me if you will. Imagine I built a time machine and asked you to go back to the week before school started. What advice would you give yourself?#catholicedchat - How can you use this advice for the coming year? 2What was your favorite lesson/tool/approach of year?#catholicedchat 3. What was the lesson/tool/approach of year you think you want to improve or change for next year?#catholicedchat 4. Your favorite end of the year activity to go out with a bang instead of spending time watching a movie?#catholicedchat -letters, videos, VoiceThreads from current students on how to be successful in that grade - fun time to do a QR code scavenger hunt with review questions from year -fun time to do minute to win it activity or Amazing Race -genius hour of free to learn for last week? Pursue, learn, research about anything student wants & share after 3/4 classes (my free to learn post- 5. Any summer PD you & your staff may be doing? Ideal summer pd?#catholicedchat 6. Summer books on must read list- personal & professional?#catholicedchat


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