Friday, February 26, 2016

2-27-16 What do we mean when we claim "college preparatory" in a Catholic School

1. Setting some context, share your school’s grade levels and the core academic objectives as defined by your mission statement?
2. How does your school determine academic requirements/course sequence?
3. Focusing purely on academics, what courses or knowledge is needed in college? How do we know this?
4. In light of a Catholic setting, what is missing if we purely focus on academic readiness for college?
5. In a Catholic setting, what unique opportunities can we offer students for college-readiness?
6. How does your school address the tensions between secular college-readiness and academic readiness based on faith foundations?
7. What recommendations/needs can be identified to articulate our Catholic answer to this tension?

Extra Questions
What does “college” look like these days?
How are our schools reflecting this changes landscape?
How are our schools pushing against this changing landscape?

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