Saturday, August 3, 2013

Q1 Welcome to #catholicedchat! Please tell us where you are from and 1 NON-RELATED work hobby or passion you enjoy. Q2 Take 2/3 minutes, research your hobby. Come back & share something learned. Don’t forget to come back! :) #catholicedchat #geniushour Q3: Students learning about topics they enjoy? How do you envision this approach with regards to curriculum or standards? #catholicedchat #geniushour Q4: Sounds great and scary, huh? What issues would hinder you from trying this approach in your classroom? #catholicedchat #geniushour Q5: What do you see as positives/benefits of using or trying #geniushour? #catholicedchat Google uses #geniushour w/employees-called 20% time & found the off task time pays off big! #catholicedchat Q6: What resources, links, or people do you recommend to learn more about #freetolearn, 20% time or #geniushour? #catholicedchat 9:55 Q7: Five minutes left-please share 1 takeaway from today’s #catholicedchat discussing #geniushour

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