Saturday, November 16, 2013

Questions for 11/14/13 The latest in Education

Q1: Have you heard of the latest in education? #FlippedClassroom #STEM #Makerspace #MakeyMakey Q2: Troy Cockrum @tcockrum can you share some of your experience with the #FlippedClassroom Q3: Anyone have any experience with #STEM? Q4: Anyone have any experience with #Makerspace or #MakeyMakey
Resources: Opinion piece on flipped classrooms from the NYTimes Brian Crosby’s post on a #STEM night for parents and students at his school in Reno, NV Eric Langhorst’s YouTube Playlist of Makey Makey ideas. He teaches in Liberty, MO. Photo from the #edcampKC mural on Makey Makey. MakerSpace websites:

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