Friday, June 6, 2014

Images, Audio in the Digital Age

Questions to Ask:
Q1) What do you use and suggest for the learners (students and/or faculty) in your school when they searching the Internet?

Q2) How do you make your thinking transparent to others when helping students find information?

Q3) What other resources do you use online to help students find information?

Q4) What websites do you suggest when searching for images and audio?

Q5: #catholicedchat
Q5) How do we model the commandment "Thou shalt not steal" for students in the way teachers and admins use various works?

Q6: #catholicedchat:
Q6) How do we model "Do unto others" through sharing our work with Creative Commons?

Links and Resources to Share In Advance, During:

Link following Q1:



To learn to search better:
If You Knew Google
Power Searching with Google

Link following Q2:

Link following Q3:

EBSCO Search databases

Link following Q4:

Link following Q5:

Link following Q6:

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