Friday, July 12, 2013

Chat Questions 07/13/13

This week's topic for Saturday's chat is English as a Second Language. This chat is being moderated by Megan Adzima.
Megan works with the Catholic School Admissions Collaborative in Boston. She is a graduate of the Notre Dame ENL Program and a former ACE Teacher.
ELL Chat Questions:
 Q1: What resources are available for ELLs in your Catholic schools? How are your teachers/admin prepared to serve ELLs? #CatholicEdChat
Q2: How can we capitalize on our ELL students' cultural backgrounds to enrich academic learning? #CatholicEdChat
Q3: How does your Catholic school bridge the gap between students' home/school lives, especially for ELL/immigrant students? #CatholicEdChat Q4: Do you do home visits with your students’ families? What are the benefits and drawbacks to this approach? #CatholicEdChat
Q5: Do your students code switch? What do you learn from these examples? How do they inform our teaching/edu practices? #CatholicEdChat
Q6: What is the most rewarding challenge you have had working with students who are English language learners? #CatholicEdChat

Resources to Share In Advance, During:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching English Language Learners:

8 Ways to Use Videos with English Language Learners:

Why Bilinguals Are Smarter:

Capitalizing on Similarities and Differences between Spanish and English

Using Cognates to Develop Comprehension in English

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