Friday, July 19, 2013

Chat Questions 7/20/13


What is the one question you want answered during this chat?

Teacher copies 3 chapters of a book. “It is so expensive and we don't use that much of it, really. Just trying to help the kids” #catholicedchat

Teacher wants students to explore themes in multimedia. Grabs aboutt 15 youtube clips piecing together 80% of an entire movie #catholicedchat

Students in film production class want to use network news clips to create Public Service Announcements as part of assignment #catholicedchat

Questions to Think About:

  • What Professional Development does you school/diocese do regarding Copyright?
  • How are students taught about concepts such as intellectual property, public domain, copyright?
  • Have any of your faculty/students received cease and desist or takedown notices?
  • Favorite resources for teaching copyright?

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