Saturday, January 25, 2014

3 D Printing 01/18/14

Moderated by Alex Podchalski
Marcie Hebert

Topic: Online projects and Pen Pals
Alex Podchaski
Marcie Hebert

Some Guidelines You May Find Helpful:
Enter questions and relevant links into document. Links to any resources you want to share can be shared in advance as needed and tweeted out. Once questions are complete, they will also by posted by Nancy to the blog.
Usually, we have 4-6 questions ready. Depending on conversation goes, you may want to adjust questions during the chat. Barb does the audio announcement by Thursday. All archives are posted to the blog as well.

Questions to Ask:
Q1: Why do you think 3D printing is getting so much attention? What does it really bring to learning? - #catholicedchat

Q2: What are the biggest barriers you face in getting started with 3D printing?  #catholicedchat

Q3: What subjects do you think can benefit from using 3D printing in the curriculum? #catholicedchat

Q4: What resources are necessary to get started in 3D printing?

Q5: What is it that you most want to print on a 3D printer?

Q6: Please share any favorite resources you have on 3D printing #catholicedchat

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