Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chat Archive - Designing 21st Century Classrooms 01/04/14

Chat Archive

Questions to Ask:
Q1:  #catholicedchat: What reactions, reflections, or feedback would you like share regarding this quote from plato:

Q2: #catholicedchat Review the comparison and comment how instruction impacts environment..

Q3: #catholicedchat How do you currently integrate these 21Cent domains and how might the environment enhance them?

Q4: #catholicedchat Thoughts/Feedback/Where is your school at? re:article: Designing the 21st Century K-12 Classroom:

Q5: #catholicedchat What role can Catholic education play in the Partnership for 21st Century Skills?
Links and Resources to Share In Advance, During:

The Madeleine is developing a Facilities Master Plan. If you’d like to view our draft here is the link:

Here is a letter I drafted based on the article by Bridger McCrea on ‘Designing the 21st Century K-12 Classroom. Here is the link:
All items in my folder can be accessed here: CatholicEdChat (Ken) link:

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Presentation I gave my staff regarding 21st Century Learning P21:

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