Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chat Archive - Grit 12/06/2014

Moderated by Kay Bisaillon and Pat O'Donnell Welcome to #catholicedchat
Q1: What do you think word grit means? Much of today's discussion is from Angela Duckworth's work #catholicedchat added image
Q2: Why do you think grit is important? Who needs to be grittier, parents or students - or both? #catholicedchat
Q3: How does grit contribute to academic success? For success in general? #catholicedchat added image
Q4: How do teachers, administrators effectively model or teach grit? #catholicedchat
Q5: #catholicedchat Angela Duckworth’s research determined grit better indicator of success than factors such as IQ/family income. Surprise you? Why or why not? SCHEDULED
Q6: #catholicedchat
Q7: Is grit connected to talent? Is grit a product of failure? Why or why not? #catholicedchat

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