Friday, December 26, 2014

Chat Archive - STEM - 12/20/2014

Q1 - #catholicedchat: How might schools integrate engineering - often the most foreign of disciplines for K-12 teachers without a STEM background?

Q2 - #catholicedchat: Learning to code is a STEM priority for all students. How do we make coding opportunities happen in our schools?

Q3-#catholicedchat: STEM pedagogy requires integration. How can schools effectively integrate the Catholic faith with STEM subjects?

Q4- #catholicedchat: STEM-focused schools are on the rise. What critical elements make Catholic STEM-focused schools more than just a title?

Q5- #catholicedchat: How can we best prepare teachers to engage students in the math/science practices emphasized in the new standards?

Q6- #catholicedchat: STEM is a hot topic with many different definitions. How do you define STEM education?

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