Saturday, October 31, 2015

10-31-15 The Makerspace Movement

Q1 What is a makerspace to you? #Catholicedchat
Q2 Is it more about the space or the mindset? Why? #Catholicedchat
Q3 What changes in thinking might help a makerspace to thrive? #Catholicedchat
Q4 Tell us about any ways you may have incorporated makerspaces at your school / in your
classroom. #Catholicedchat
Q5 Tell us about your favorite thing a student ever made in your classroom. #Catholicedchat
Q6 How does getting the chance to be a maker affect students? #Catholicedchat
Q7 Name one of your favorite things to have in a makerspace. #Catholicedchat
Q8 What are your favorite makerspace resources? #Catholicedchat

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