Saturday, May 10, 2014

Including All Voices - Chat Archive

Annie Schaefer - Salinas

Q1: How long have you been active on Twitter for more than just social reasons? #catholicedchat:

Q2  Are you in the minority or majority at your school site for using Twitter as a source for PD? #catholicedchat:

Q3: In the past 12-18 months how many of your PD experiences have been directly related to Twitter activities/connections vs. not?  #catholicedchat

Q4: Do you think that it is a problem if your PD is primarily connected to Twitter?  In other words, should you/could you seek out other sources of PD?   #catholicedchat:

Q5: With so many educators using Twitter, how can we be sure to include those who don’t use Twitter in the conversation? #catholicedchat

Q5.2: Is it important to hear from/include those not on Twitter in the conversation? #catholicedchat

Q6: What might we be able to do as connected educators to ensure that all educator’s voices are heard?  We do that for our students, why not our colleagues? #catholicedchat

Q7: Twitter is a powerful tool for ideas, connections, and PD.  As summer approaches, what is one step that you can take to ensure you are listening to your own “loyal opposition”? #catholicedchat

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