Saturday, May 3, 2014

Leadership in Catholic Schools - Chat Archive

Moderated by Dan Faas - University of Notre Dame

Q1:  #catholicedchat: What defines a strong and effective Catholic school leader?

Q2  #catholicedchat: What are some challenges affecting Catholic school leadership today?

Q3: #catholicedchat Other than principals, what other leadership roles could we be seeking to develop, strengthen, or encourage?

Q4: #catholicedchat: What are some barriers that prevent potential school leaders from assuming those roles? How can we overcome them?

Q5:  #catholicedchat At ACE, we talk a lot about "leading with zeal.” What does zealous leadership look like? How can we get more of it?

Q6: #catholicedchat: ACE believes leaders build strong school cultures, exercise expert mgmt of resources (human & $) & support teachers' to instruction...What do you think of these three main points of focus?

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