Saturday, May 17, 2014

World Meeting of Families - 05/17/2014

Welcome Moderator Donna Farrell, Executive Director of the World Meeting of Families Questions to Ask:

Questions to Ask:
Q1:  #catholicedchat: What do you know about the World Meeting of Families? What is it all about?

Q2  #catholicedchat: What will create the most meaningful experience for WMOF attendees of all ages?How can we best showcase Phila to the thousands of visitors in 2015?

Q3: #catholicedchat How can we best illustrate and teach the theme “Love is our mission: the family fully alive?

Q4: #catholicedchat: A catechesis on the WMOF theme will be released this summer. How can schools prepare for  WMOF 2015?

Q5: #catholicedchat How can teachers best convey example of Pope Francis to young people?  How do we bring his lessons of mercy, care for the poor, and compassion to the classroom?

Q6: #catholicedchat: What programming will most convince families to attend the WMOF Congress?

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